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Music is the most important detail for all type events, . It enhances and captures the moment for you and your guest.  It sets the mood for your event as a fun or formal occasion.  We understand the importance of music as an international language.  It reaches out to all and should be enjoyed by all.

Music Library

Below is our actual music database of songs we have in stock.  We continually add music every week.  We usually update our database online monthly. If we don't have the song you're looking for, we'll get it!

Our music library is extensive. Search Our Online Music Library and Create a Request List!  Most importantly, our music is LEGAL!



The music for your event is your choice! We provide a music library with over 600GB of music for you to listen and choose your songs. Your choices include what you want and donít want played. To view our Top Music List click here.

Sound Level

For a wedding reception we keep the sound at a level that is always enjoyable for all of your guests.  A reception is a formal event, not a high school dance!  We adjust the sound levels for each event accordingly.  We can play louder at private parties especially if outdoors.  Most school dances are louder yet.  Whatever the venue or restrictions we'll make it sound great! 

We have the experience to know what volume range is appropriate for special event entertainment. (As you can imagine, volume that is too loud can spoil everyone's enjoyment and make it impossible for anyone to converse. On the other hand, volume that is too soft can make it difficult for event guests to hear announcements and to enjoy dancing to the music.) We will use our experience and sensitivity to monitor and control the volume of music and announcements, so that your entertainment is effective and enjoyable for all.  We will also remain attentive to your wishes throughout your event. We are experts at keeping entertainment volume at appropriate and enjoyable levels. However, if at any time during your event you wish to have the volume adjusted, we will cheerfully adjust it as you request.


At INREALITY we refrain from playing music that would be offensive to anyone.  For example, all wedding receptions have a wide range of ages, from a 2 yrs. to 92 yrs.  You wouldn't want someone to leave your reception upset from a song that offended them. Thatís how they would remember your reception.  The majority of our songs are edited for language.  We'll play only the music that you the client requests.  At school dances music requests are encouraged but often are songs that are inappropriate for school age children.  We will play only songs that are screened for language and try to stay away from songs with inappropriate content.  All songs will be FCC approved for air play at the minimum.

Music Sources

We cover all varieties and genres of music from current hits to classical music. To do this we use a variety of professional music services for example: TM Studios and Promo Only.  These services are only available to radio stations and professional disc jockeys, and contains radio edits of the latest music in all styles.  They are also expensive.  Make sure your DJ uses qualified music sources.  You can be confident that we support the music industry and supplied with new CD-quality music from a legal source.  We also use the internet for our music.  We buy songs from sources like  I-Tunes, Sony Connect, MSN Music and others.  These services also help us maintain a current library of music.


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